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We’re delighted to finally share all the lovely images from our very special launch event with you all. Hooray! And oh what a special day it was. Our hearts are still filled to the brim with love and gratitude for all the people that helped make it so wonderful.

As you know (or perhaps you’re new here, hello!), our greatest passion here at Little Jar of Happiness is Mental Health Awareness. Lead by our director Sam Williams, we wholeheartedly believe in #flowersforgood, and for us that means promoting kindness, compassion and positivity around mental health.

We’re thrilled to support beyondblue and their amazing work by donating $2.50 from every single jar we sell, every single day, and so excited to be working towards #smashingthestigma around mental health by encouraging positive conversations and sharing experiences.

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So with all of that in mind, we wanted to bundle up all the love and positivity and passion that goes into our flowers, and share that with some very special people.

Held in the bright and airy space at Gale Street Studios in Brunswick East, we invited a handful of wonderful souls to join us for a mental health day. To press pause on their busy lives and take some time to invest in themselves and their own wellbeing - something these busy mamas and business owners rarely do!

Joining us on the day were Sarah Jane and Angel from She Is, Sarah Jane, Mel and Sarah from Naturally Nutritious, Cherie and Michelle from The Digital Picnic, Jasmine from The Wholesome Heart, Lauren and Kate from the Vibe Tribe and our very own Nanna Anne (or Nanna Happiness as we like to call her). 

We created a yellow haven of happiness, featuring a Water Bar with infused Nava Water, healthy bliss balls by Plate Got Ate and of course an abundance of beautiful blooms.

Our mental health day started with an introduction by one of our directors, Kate, who shared her own experiences with anxiety and how they lead her to finding peace in flowers.

We then heard from Clinical Psychologist and Director at Inner Melbourne Clinical Psychology, Dr Jacqueline Baulch, who lead an inspiring discussion on self care and compassion, and took us through some really powerful exercises around self talk and mindfulness. She left the room positively BUZZING with her words of wisdom, and opened the floor for all the guests to share their own experiences.

We stopped for lunch (an AMAZING spread by the incredible Merowyn at Plate Got Ate) but the conversations continued and we were all floored at just how far reaching the impacts of mental health can be.

We then moved on to part two of the day, a flower arranging class lead by Kate. Our guests all learned to make their very own Little Jar of Happiness (and we learned they may be a few future florists among them!).

With new friends (and our new ‘Here Comes The Sun’ enamel pins and greeting cards in hand), our guests walked away feeling restored, recharged and just a little bit lighter. Just as we had hoped!

We then reset the room for our friends, family and favourite people to join us for a special performance and celebration in the evening.

It truly was the most wonderful day sharing stories and starting important conversations around mental health. And of course it wouldn’t have been possible without the help of some pretty amazing people.

Sarah Jane, Angel, Mel, Sarah, Cherie, Michelle, Jasmine, Lauren, Kate and Anne THANK YOU for joining us for such a special day, and for using your voices to shine a light on such a special cause.

Lauren at The Vibe Tribe. What a gift you are! We cannot thank you enough for investing so much love, time and energy into this project. From the all the planning to the event set up, to all the socials on the day, you were an absolute dream to work with and we could not have done it without you.

Steph at Steph Wallis Creative. Thank you for capturing the event so beautifully, it was a joy to have you on board and we are so grateful!

Lyn at Draw and Explore. Thank you for helping us create our new products so that we can continue to spread a little happiness and sunshine wherever we go. You are a gem!

Of course, with Mental Health Week just around the corner, this won’t be the last you hear from us, flower lovers! We can’t wait to share what else we’ve got lined up with you soon.

The LJH Team xx

Kate Williams